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Joshua Hockett is a 15-year strength and conditioning specialist having worked with two NCAA D1 sports programs, one Major League Baseball team, the US Navy via two US aircraft carriers and two deployments, one Air Force Special Operations squadron of Pararescumen in Northeast Italy and now the Department of Defense Fire Academy at Goodfellow AFB in west Texas where he acts as the squadrons’ contracted strength and conditioning specialist and performance nutritionist. Joshua has held this role since October 2020. 

Joshua has lived in 5 states, 7 cities and 2 countries in the past 11 years. Joshua holds an MS in exercise science from Wisconsin-La Crosse and a BS in Kinesiology from Wisconsin-Milwaukee. Josh holds certifications as a strength and conditioning specialist, tactical strength and conditioning facilitator, and personal fitness trainer from the National Strength & Conditioning Association. He is also a ISSN certified sports nutritionist as well as an American College of Sports Medicine certified exercise physiologist. He can be found his travel blog and on LinkedIn where is regularly active with professional networking and content sharing.