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Secret Sauce
  • May 11 - 12, 2022
    The Communiversity (East Mississippi Community College)

The theme of our first conference will be to provide attendees with the “Secret Sauce: Sharing how unique collaborations collide to cultivate human performance success.” By hearing from experts who have successfully managed the relationships necessary to grow mutually beneficial research relationships in human performance, attendees will learn:

  • What ingredients are necessary for building an athlete engineering program,
  • How to improve cross-collaboration among unique groups, and
  • How to accelerate project productivity by including the right team members and skillsets.

This includes partnering strength and conditions coaches from sports teams, health and safety managers from industry, and human performance trainers from the military with engineers, data scientists, and wearable technology experts. Combining practitioner experience with applied research is the foundation from which Athlete Engineering was built.

“MSU is leading the movement to build a student pipeline of qualified athlete engineers who can examine the data retrieved from wearable technology used for training, health, and safety. Our new niche of multidisciplined students can then share this information with coaches, trainers, and other human performance decision makers to help optimize work and training,” Associate Director of Human Factors & Athlete Engineering at CAVS and Associate Professor of Industrial and Systems Engineering, Reuben Burch said. “We call this recipe our ‘secret sauce,’ and we want to showcase these collaborative partnership examples so that others looking to build similar programs can follow our lessons learned.”

The summit will feature discussions focusing on how to build effective collaborations between athletics and academics, and will explore how key elements affect the four athlete personas: sports, industry, tactical, and at-risk athletes. In addition to nationally-recognized keynote speakers and panels of experts, attendees will have an opportunity to network with professionals, enjoy delicious food, and see human performance technology in action.


Dr. Allen Sills
NFL Chief Medical Officer
Dave Bollwinkel
Chicago Bulls
Dr. Reuben Burch
Mississippi State University
Dr. Gary Butler
Carl Daniel
Aaron Duvall
University of Pittsburgh
Joshua Hockett
Booz | Allen | Hamilton
Dr. Ted Lambrinides
Sports Performance Consulting
Mary McLendon
Mississippi State University
Stephanie Mock
University of Pittsburgh
Major Carolyn R. Price Moore
United States Air Force
Steven Pazan
Dr. Adam Petway
West Chester University
Courtney Power
Stacey Ray
Dr. Jennifer Reneker
University of Mississippi Medical Center
Dr. Ernie Rimer
University of Louisville
Mark Ronay
Liquid Wire
Dr. JoEllen Sefton
Auburn University Warrior Research Center
Munjeet Singh
Book | Allen | Hamilton
Dr. Megan Stewart
Milwaukee Brewers
Dr. George Sun