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Speaking The Same Language
  • May 10 - 11, 2023
    The Communiversity (East Mississippi Community College)

The theme of our 2023 conference will be: “Speaking the Same Language.” Regardless of the vertical we work in (sports, industry, military, medical, or academic), we all face similar issues and opportunities in human performance, but we don’t always know how to communicate between sectors to share what we know. Therefore, we may be spending unnecessary time on a problem that another vertical has already mastered. By hearing from experts across these sectors who have successfully found solutions that impact all of us in human performance, attendees will learn:

  • Commonalities across all sectors and shared concepts,
  • The pros and cons of treating every vertical like a sports team, and
  • How technology is only one of many solutions available when creating a culture of fitness and performance awareness.

These experts will include sports team coaches, health and safety managers from industry, human performance trainers from the military, along with engineers, data scientists, and wearable and human performance technology experts. Combining practitioner experience with applied research across all sectors is the foundation from which Athlete Engineering was built.

“Building from the discussion at the 2022 summit about the importance of being multilingual, we want the 2023 event to highlight what many of us in the human performance space suspect: we are all solving variations of the same problem. Determining the measure of success is the main difference and that difference is based on where we work,” Associate Director of Human Factors & Athlete Engineering at CAVS and Associate Professor of Industrial and Systems Engineering, Reuben Burch said. “When we use the term multilingual at Athlete Engineering, we are saying that our engineers understand what strength coaches are asking for. We know how to talk to the Air Force about test flights, to industry about repetitive motion tasks, to the medical center about telehealth technology challenges, and to academics about writing winning grant narratives. We want to grow beyond being a multilingual research team to being the team who teaches human performance experts across all sectors how to communicate with each other. At the 2023 Athlete Engineering Summit, we will move past simply being interpreters to becoming the venue where everyone walks away speaking the same language.”

The summit will feature discussions focusing on how concepts, cultures, technologies, and different courses offered in the Athlete Engineering Certificate program can bring impact to the four athlete personas: sports, industry, tactical, and at-risk athletes. In addition to nationally-recognized keynote speakers and panels of experts, attendees will have ample opportunity to network with professionals, enjoy delicious food, and see human performance technology in action.


Dr. James F. (Jim) Reilly
Nasa Astronaut and Executive Advisor to Booz Allen Hamilton
Brock Anderson
Wesley Barnett
Mona Bhuta
Innovative Sports Training, Inc.
Dr. Joe Bielitzki
Arteria Technology
Dave Bollwinkel
Chicago Bulls
Dr. Bethany Bracken
Charles River Analytics
Dr. Dave (Coach) Brunner
Dr. Reuben Burch
Mississippi State University
Dr. Bull Burgos
Mississippi State University
Lt. Colonel Brenda D. Bustillos
U.S. Army Training and Doctrine Command
Dr. Keith D’Amelio
Elite Performance Consultant
Dr. Mark M Derriso
Air Force Research Laboratory
Dr. Phillip Desrochers
Charles River Analytics
Cara Dienst
Booz | Allen | Hamilton
Travis Eliason
Southwest Research Institute
Kevin Forbes
Sports Innovation Lab
Justin Foster
The Excelling Edge
Dr. Meg Garvey
Nix Biosensors
Craig Gile
Dr. Zack Gillen
Mississippi State University
Dr. Steven Grice
Mississippi State University
Colonel Justin T. Grieve
Columbus Air Force Base
Angie Huskison
The Competitive Edge
Dr. Ted Lambrinides
Sports Performance Consulting
Kevin Martin
The Quick Board
Holly McClung
U.S. Army Research Institute of Environmental Medicine
Dr. Adam J. McLean
Booz | Allen | Hamilton
Ted Rath
Philadelphia Eagles
Mark Ronay
Liquid Wire
David Saucier
Mississippi State University
Kase Saylor
Southwest Research Institute
Munjeet Singh
Booz | Allen | Hamilton
Eric Skaggs
Toyota Motor Manufacturing Mississippi
Dr. Gregg Steinberg
Austin Peay State University
Dr. Megan Stewart
Milwaukee Brewers
Ethan Stewart
Oakland Athletics
Dr. Yanbing Tang
Mississippi State University
Spencer Tatum
Tatum Human Performance
Dr. Long Tian
Mississippi State University
Joel Totoro
Jesse Wright
Balance The Bar