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  • April 16 - 17, 2024
    The Mill (Mississippi State University)

The theme of our 2024 conference will be: “Building a Human Performance Culture.” With the recent push by the industrial and military sectors to incorporate a sports team training mindset, human performance practitioners play an ever more critical role in our world today. Having the right human performance staff, however, doesn’t always mean this health and safety training approach is built on the right foundation or solving for the right problems. Before any technology is purchased to monitor the human and data aids in decisions making, the basics of performance must be baselined, and the right questions must be asked. This year’s Athlete Engineering Summit will provide all human performance verticals (sports, industry, military, medical, and academic) with information and actionable takeaways based on four key areas:

Nutrition, hydration, and fueling,
Sleep, recovery, and mental health,
The building blocks for sustaining a true human performance culture, and
Future Casting: Integrating AI and data for accelerated readiness.
The format for this year’s summit will be modified to emphasize interactive learning sessions for the entire audience and additional networking. The experts presenting will include sports team coaches, health and safety managers from industry, human performance trainers from the military, along with engineers, data scientists, and wearable and human performance technology experts. Combining practitioner experience with applied research across all sectors is the foundation from which Athlete Engineering was built.

“During last year’s event, attendees learned that we need to speak the same language across sectors as we are often solving for the same human performance problems. This year, it’s important that we equip practitioners serving all athlete types with the right tools for problem solving and culture building,” Associate Vice President for Research, Reuben Burch said. “Understanding how the body performs and the technology collects data is important but means little if we are focusing our attention in the wrong areas. I think attendees over the last couple of years have walked away with great information and a much deeper, national network of contacts, but I want these experts to return home from the event with actionable direction and next steps. The 2024 Athlete Engineering Summit will highlight existing health and safety opportunities within the state of Mississippi, how we approached those needs, and focused our resources to bolster athlete cultures while looking into the future with AI in human performance. Let us teach you how this was accomplished so that you can ensure all your athletes, regardless of type, are happy, healthy, and productive.”

This summit’s theme and topics intentional target health and safety experts from all sectors because, as the last two summits have demonstrated, we still have a lot to learn from each other. Athlete Engineering Summit 2024 will empower all attendees to walk away with actionable steps.


Justin Haley
Wesley Barnett
Julien Blin
Dave Bollwinkel
Chicago Bulls
Mondlie “E” Brave
Ingalls Shipbuilding
Dr. Reuben Burch
Mississippi State University
Dr. Bull Burgos
Mississippi State University
Meridith Cass
Nix Biosensors
David Chambers
Southwest Research Institute
Maggie Corry
Booz | Allen | Hamilton
Collin Crane
University of Georgia
Anna Cruse
University of Utah
Dr. Keith D’Amelio
Elite Performance Consultant
Dylan Dahlquist
Booz | Allen | Hamilton
Allison DeKuiper
Tampa Bay Rays
Scott Dembowski
US Army
Dr. Michael Dial
The Ohio State University
Dr. Rob Faulk
Pat Tillman Foundation
Justin Foster
The Excelling Edge
Craig Gile
Dr. Zack Gillen
Mississippi State University
Brett Grelle
Andrea Hudy
University of Connecticut
Dr. Pay Ivey
University of Louisville
Paul Jones
The Ohio State University
Ashley Kowalewski
Louisiana State University
Dr. Ted Lambrinides
Sports Science Consultant
Olicer Moorhouse
Alexis Moran
Ingalls Shipbuilding
Dr. Adam Petway
University of Louisville
Spencer Posey
US Army
Sonya Rahmani
Booz | Allen | Hamilton
Dr. Ernie Rimer
University of Louisville
David Saucier
Mississippi State University
Dr. Chris Shumeyko
Booz | Allen | Hamilton
Dr. Meeta Singh
Performance Sleep Optimization
Munjeet Singh
Booz | Allen | Hamilton
Dr. Cory Smith
Baylor University
Dr. Andreas Stamatis
University of Louisville
Dr. Gregg Steinberg
Austin Peay State University
Spencer Tatum
Tatum Human Performance
Joel Totoro
Colonel James L. Weinstein
US Air Force
Jesse Wright
Balance The Bar
Nick Zimmerman
Mississippi State University