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JoEllen Sefton, Ph.D, ATC, LAT is the director of the Auburn University Warrior Research Center,
The center serves as a point of collaboration and a catalyst for change between researchers, the
military and tactical athletes to further develop and implement new knowledge in human
factors. The center works to improve performance, resiliency and health and wellness while
providing leadership through research, education and training to better serve our Warriors,
Veterans, tactical athletes, families and the community. Dr. Sefton developed and led the
Warrior Athletic Training Program at Ft. Benning which provided sports medicine care and
injury prevention, and performance improvement across most of the Ft Benning units across 8
years. She is currently a Professor at Auburn University where she develops and teaches
courses related to neuromechanics, research, and sports medicine. As the Director of the
Auburn Neuromechanics Research Laboratory, Dr. Sefton studies neuromuscular and
physiological effects of orthopedic and neuromuscular injury; and the rehabilitation and
therapeutic methods used to treat these injuries. Sefton has 25 years experience as a
Nationally Certified Massage Therapist and has been a Certified Athletic Trainer for 20
years. She has worked with high school, college, Olympic and professional athletes, Broadway
performers, professional musicians and Military and other tactical athletes.