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Kase Saylor leads a diverse team of engineers and analysts as the manager of the Situational Awareness Section at Southwest Research Institute (SwRI┬«). He is an electrical engineer with a focus in digital signal processing, embedded networks, and systems engineering and is an experienced project manager with over two decades of project management experience. He has a strong technical background in the development of integrated sensor systems and large-scale simulation systems. As the co-lead of the SwRI Human Performance Initiative, he directs research in quantifying and optimizing human performance through new and novel techniques and technologies. Mr. Saylor co-leads the development of a novel technology that provides a complete, subject-specific, model-driven biomechanical motion analysis technology that uses commercially available cameras. This technology, referred to as markerless biomechanics, goes beyond the traditional markerless motion capture (MOCAP) system; rather than tracking locations of joint centers in 3D space, the system instead predicts a complete biomechanical state based on inverse kinematics (i.e., joint forces and moments).  In addition to markerless biomechanics, Mr. Saylor leads research efforts in technologies used to measure cognitive load.