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David Saucier is a research engineer at the Center for Advanced Vehicular Systems (CAVS) in the Human Factors and Athlete Engineering group. He is also lab manager of the Athlete Engineering Research Lab (AERL).

David brings to the table an interdisciplinary skillset based on his experience working with engineers of various disciplines, kinesiologists, fashion design/textile experts, and strength and conditioning coaches of various sports through Athlete Engineering. He leverages his BS and MS in Computer Engineering and software development work from his time at ADTRAN, Inc., to apply industry-standard software and automation solutions to human performance and human factors-oriented problems. As manager of the AERL, he trains and mentors students across multiple disciplines on how to use gold-standard lab equipment, primarily focused on human performance and validation of novel wearable technologies. Most recently, his skills have centered around data science, human performance, grant writing, strong team culture, and student development via technical workshops.