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Dr. Andreas Stamatis is considered an expert in the field of health and sport sciences, currently serving as a Clinical Associate Professor at the University of Louisville and a Mental Performance Specialist at the University of Louisville Health. With a diverse educational background encompassing Educational Psychology, Sport Pedagogy, Technology Management, Business Administration, and Economics, Dr. Stamatis brings a unique interdisciplinary approach to the study and application of human performance. His extensive experience spans a variety of roles including curriculum development, research, and teaching in exercise and nutrition sciences. Additionally, his background as a coach and an entrepreneur and service with the Greek Special Operations Forces further enriches his multidisciplinary expertise.

Dr. Stamatis specializes in mental performance and health in athletics, with a particular interest in the intersection of physical and psychological well-being. His work in developing and implementing mental toughness training programs in collegiate sports settings has earned him widespread recognition. He has contributed significantly to the field through numerous publications, conference presentations, and workshops, focusing on the practical application of psychological skills in enhancing athletic performance. At the 2024 Athlete Engineering Summit, Dr. Stamatis will share his insights on mental health and performance, sleep, and recovery, drawing from his rich experience in academia and industry and his hands-on involvement with athletes, coaches, and professionals from various high-stress sectors.