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A uniquely and highly qualified professional, Keith holds a PhD in applied sports science, a master’s degree in sports performance and a bachelors in exercise science / sports medicine. This multi-dimensional background places Keith firmly at the intersection of performance optimization, technology, and the emerging of business of human performance.  Keith has been putting into action the best practices in sports science and performance optimization with some of the world’s best athletes, teams, organizations and companies over the last two decades. Keith has worked in the trenches of elite performance at the team level, working for the Boston Celtics, Toronto Raptors, and Stanford University Men’s Basketball.  A pioneer in in the use of technology and data-driven decisions, while in Toronto Keith helped lead the way for the way for the advancement of sports science in the NBA.  Keith spearheaded an athletic development program that implemented and utilized cutting-edge approaches to athletic performance, that are now commonplace in sport today.  Working with organizations, such as the NBA Players Associations, MLB, WNBA NFL, EPL, and AFL teams, Keith is able to bring his understanding of the day-to-day functioning of elite sport organizations and his insight into the world beyond sport to make meaningful and impactful connections.   As an angel investor, strategic advisor, and consultant to companies ranging from early-stage startups to the well-established, Keith provides domain expertise to enhance organizational performance, product development and brand exposure.  Keith continues to impact and advance the field of human performance by constantly exploring what is possible.  His work with individual athletes and teams has led to dramatic improvements in overall health and performance and his role as an advisor to organizations and companies has enhanced their ability to build and sustain their brand.