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Justin Foster is the Founder of The Excelling Edge LLC and a Cognitive Performance Consultant for Senaptec, Inc. He helps high performers gain a competitive edge by equipping them with cognitive training and human performance technologies to unleash their potential. Justin has been a Senaptec user since 2015 and now serves as a consultant for Senaptec. He works with military and elite performance clients to implement and maximize their use of Senaptec technologies. He leads the development of Senaptec Sensory Station training programs and training content while assisting with special projects to advance the company’s mission. Justin provides a range of service packages for Senaptec clients including professional development workshops, customize program development and consultation. 

Justin also works with teams, coaches, and athletes to build team culture. He assists athletes in building mental toughness to help them perform their best when it matters most. He holds positions as an adjunct faculty in the Applied Sport and Performance Psychology graduate program at Holy Names University and as a Cognitive Performance Specialist for T3i. Over the past 13 years, Justin has worked with a wide range of high performers, including fighter pilots, special operations units, NCAA Division 1 programs, professional athletes, NFL combine training, and nationally ranked juniors.