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Maj Carolyn R. Price Moore is the Aerospace Physiology Curriculum Program Manager, Aerospace Physiology Lead Command, 19th Air Force, Joint Base San Antonio – Randolph, Texas. She oversees and develops curriculum for the Aerospace Physiology career field and assists in program oversight and management of Aerospace Physiology policy, procedures, training execution, and device management. Maj Price Moore is also the Comprehensive Readiness for Aircrew Flying Training Program Manager for 19th Air Force. In this role, she has developed and implemented the first ever holistic human performance optimization program to be incorporated into Air Force Flying Training.

Maj Price Moore is a 2009 graduate of the United States Air Force Academy, where she earned her Bachelors of Science in Biology.  As an Aerospace Physiologist, she specializes in human performance in the flight environment.  She has had a breadth of experience throughout her career, to include integration of human physiology in flight test, flight safety human factors expert, squadron resource advisor, and management of the initial bed down of Preservation of the Force and Family assets in Special Operations aviation. In addition to her role as a human performance expert, she has been a Master Resilience Trainer for 10 years. Prior to her current assignment she served as the Operational Support Medicine Flight Commander, 27th Special Operations Support Squadron, Cannon AFB, New Mexico.